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Why Microblading is So Important: A Confidence Booster to Women, Empowering Beauty Routine

Women are constantly looking for ways to feel more confident and empowered. Microblading can be a great way to help with that! I've always been interested in the makeup industry, but brows were something I never really thought about until it was brought up by my friends and family. It made me realize how much time and money went into filling in brows every day, not to mention how often we would have to touch up throughout the day because of smudging or fading.

Microblading results example

Microblading is an important technique for women who want their eyebrows done quickly, easily, and beautifully without any hassle. It's also empowering as you wake up each morning with bold eyebrows that look perfect all day long without having to worry about touching them up. It's about constantly having symmetrical brows and feeling confident with your beauty routine!

There are a lot of different reasons why microblading is important to me as an artist, but one reason in particular stands out. I love uplifting women through this technique because it helps them feel more beautiful from the inside out which is something we should all strive for! It is not only about women, even though it is a field that is highly saturated by women, men want bold brows as well. The eyebrows are a focal point and ensuring that they are tailored to your face is a must! I love that what I do as artists is truly empowering and can help my clients feel more confident everyday.

Selecting the Right Brow Artist for You

Before you select your brow technician it is important to build a relationship with him or her. It is a big decision to get a semi-permanent tattoo, especially on your face. Examples of work are important, but is creating an environment of trust. These are the steps I take at Brow Conduct to ensure that each of my clients are 100% comfortable before I even pick up my tattoo needle:

  1. Mandatory Consultation - This is important so that we can discuss client expectations, go over color and shape, address any concerns, go over risks, and most importantly if this is a procedure that is right for you.

  2. Pre-Draw Session - During the consultation it is important that we map out your exact brow shape to ensure symmetry and client approval. Seeing your brows before they are tattooed is a critical step.

  3. Patch Test - Though the pigments and the numbing creams used are safe it is important that we address any allergy concerns up front. This ensure that your skin will react favorably to the the procedure.

So don't delay your brows from being revitalized and looking fabulous, book your consultation with me today. Your brows and your time will thank you!

By: Rebecca Cesar

Do you have any questions about microblading? I would be happy to answer them in the comments below! :)

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